Makeup and Hair

Be party ready! Prepare for an event with gorgeous makeup & a cool look for those tresses.

Look like a princess at all events
From the prettiest hairstyle to the most trendy make-up and skincare tips. Look your best with the trendy hairstyles and make-up and look your best. We specialize in all kinds of make-up such as event make-up, photo shoots, and bridal.

Event Makeup & Hair

Book our skilled makeup artists for a professional high definition make up for any event. Our makeup artists specialize in all kinds of makeup from natural to heavy leaving you look fabulous.

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Photoshot Makeup and Hair

When you want to look your best on camera, it is important to get the makeup right for the photo shoot. You need to exaggerate the makeup on camera to show up on the camera amidst the strong lights. And, that’s what we help you at.

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Bridal Makeup and Hair

We specialize in bringing out the most perfect look while balancing the colour, texture and edginess of the beautiful brides. Complementing every make up with a beautiful and unique hairstyle suitable for the makeup and dressing gown, is what our skilled hairstylists do for you.

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Bridal Party Makeup and Hair

Get party ready with the wedding party makeup and complementing hairstyles to dazzle at the party events while giving an appearance like a princess.

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